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I’ve started a new blog. Gamerism is going to become a more personal deal with travel stories (if I remember to write for it). The new blog is for development of a site I’m working on. It’s going to be awesome.


Moab 2, Day 1: The Moabening

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This place

Moab in Summer

And This Place

Moab in January


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Let It Snow – A The Trusty Kar Adventure

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One of the greatest things about Utah is how much it snows here. Tonight is one of those nights. It’s coming down fluffy.

Coming down fluffy

As you can see the roads have been covered in snow and that this particular patch of town doesn’t see that many plows. Normally I wouldn’t drive in this weather but I was hungry so I set out to secure nourishment.

I was not alone on this journey for I was accompanied by The Trusty Kar.

The Trusty Kar

Here you can see The Trusty Kar in it’s winter coat. The darker red/dirt colored areas are a form of camouflage that prevents predatory Trucks from hunting down The Trusty Kar and destroying him.

We set out upon the freeway in search of half of the required daily allowance of calories and vitamins. The snow had delayed the commute of hundreds of Utahans and the going was slow. With a low battery on the music making device The Trusty Kar and I decided to forgo the tunes. Initially it was cold, almost as cold as the desert night I spent under the stars in Moab last summer. I was lucky though for contained in The Trusty Kars internals was contained a magical device which saw the ambient temperature rise to a warm 80 degrees. Except for the weather, and the dawdling 10 mph speeds we travelled at the journey and the acquisition of sandwich was uneventful.

The return journey however, was fraught with danger. We were now traveling against the flow which meant we hurtled along the freeway at a blistering 40 mph. Not a single flake had fallen for 10 minutes. Those that had come before had used the awesome power of friction to melt the snow into thin tar colored gullies. But not all danger had passed.

Certain patches of the road held enough slippery stuff that a simple tap of your breaks could have resulted in The Trusty Kar careening down the high way at an angle 90 degrees to direction it was heading and indeed it nearly did but The Trusty Kars tires held true.

We safely made our way off the highway and began the journey through the abandoned back roads. It was here The Trusty Kar discovered that fresh white snow when placed between tires and tarmac has a higher coefficient of friction than dirty brown slushy snow.

With sustenance safely secured we arrived back at the Kar Kave. We said our our Goodnights! and went our separate ways. I to feed, the Trusty Kar to dream of dreams of adventure and mountain pass drifting.


Factory Edge Design

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Factory Edge Design is a new site which is made of liquid awesome. Check it out!


The Irish

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I discovered tonight a 5th irish person living in Utah. This was a weird one.

I went to Hobby Lobby – it’s a walmart for arts and crafts, it’s something – and as I was getting all my cool stuff rung up I noticed that Jo, who was doing the ringing, had an irish accent. She also noticed mine. We had a quick conversation as I paid for the stuff about Utah. She has lived here for 15 years, was originally from Dublin and retired last year. She worked a couple of nights a week for Gas Money and something for the grand kids.

Kinda makes me wonder if Utah is a bit of a black hole. Once you enter you can never leave again.


More Applescript

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Since I got my new computer I’ve had an iTunes library with practically no top rated songs. I wanted to correct this situation but I find the rating UI fiddly and not likey to my mouse so I set about finding some keyboard shortcuts. None Exist.

But they can be created if you have a Mac. All with the power of Apple Script. Mac Geekery has a post on Using Keyboard Shortcuts to Rate Songs in iTunes.

The above is a little hard to follow so here’s a quick rundown.

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The Random for 2008-10-04

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  • Back in salt lake. Still on Boston time. Going to use that as an excuse to catch some zzzz’s #

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The Random for 2008-10-03

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  • @arteta said he would be as solid as a rock, like a banana and that he liked the golden circle (referring to the golden curtain) #
  • Many beers, couple of jagerbombs and patron #
  • I’m what turned out to be a good m @vincencollins left at aaround 12 #
  • 1st class on the flight back home. This is awesome. #

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The Random for 2008-09-29

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  • I think it’s the future, there is an ihome in my hotel room. Wishing I brought my ipod with me now. Also chart house was #delicious #
  • Qdoba breakfast burritos are amazing. Yey for Boston #

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Last week I decided to give contacts a try. I went in for the eye test on saturday and I started wearing the contacts straight away.

All was going well. Until I tried to take them out. I needed the practice as I had trouble doing the same thing at the optometrist. It took me something like half an hour.

Then when i put the contact back into my left eye, I managed to put it in backwards. It turns out that this is quite painful. I of course didn’t feel like removing the contact straight away so I left it there for a few minutes. I think I got used to it since it stopped irritating my eye.

Removing the reversed contact was quite challenging but I eventually succeeded.

After a fun filled day I decided to finish it off wearing my glasses.

The next day, Sunday, I awoke bright and early at 2 p.m.. I put in the contacts and headed out the door for some food. While pulling into the food hole I inadvertently clipped the curb which crushed the side while of my tire and gave me an instant flat. I was a little pissed off but this was only the beginning.

The 90 degree heat had caused my sweat glands to open and completely cover my face with water. While wiping this off I think I wiped my right eye a little to hard. All of a sudden everything went blurry. Kinda. Closing my right eye everything looked cool. Closing my left resulted in a view of the world as seen through a piece of see-through ice.

My View Of The World
My View Of The World (Photo courtesy of George Lessard*)

While getting my tire fixed I attempted to correct my contact**. Seeing as how I had been wearing them for a grand total of 4-5 hours this mostly consisted of rubbing my eye.

After one particularly sweeping rub I noticed something watery. Further investigation revealed it to be my contact! I had rubbed it off my eye.

Not knowing whether I should try and re-insert it I decided to go one eyed. Everything still looked weird.

When I got home I took the other one out. It came easy that time and I was full of glee.

Monday was a work day and was the real trial. Wearing contacts was a bit of a revelation. I could see everything. But my eyes felt weird all day. I took them out when I got back home and I haven’t put them in since.

I’m going to wear them some more over the weekend and we’ll see how that goes.

* This picture is under a creative commons license.
** I was gonna post about that here but this got a bit long. I’ll rant at about it later.

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